Sunday Sushi Brunch

Sunday Brunch with Sushi?

Yes, you read right. Harney Sushi in Oceanside offers a Sunday Brunch every Sunday, featuring Sushi!

I know what you’re thinking, “Raw fish for brunch?????”. Don’t worry the master chefs at Harney Sushi have been rolling up some magic in the kitchen.

If raw fish for brunch isn’t your thing you might want to try the Bakey Wakey Roll, filled with bacon, scrambled eggs, agave nectar and a gravy dipping sauce or the French Toast Roll, filled with strawberries, bananas, sweet coconut rice and then tempura fried and covered with cinnamon toast crunchies, powdered sugar and maple syrup.

Sunday Brunch Menu

Brunch Drinks


Bottomless Mimosas or Bloody Mary Bar

with brunch purchase




Organic Orange Juice


Coors Light Draft


Bloody Beer


Bloody Mary


French Press Coffee

french roast or decaf


Brunch Rolls

all rolls are in soypaper

Bakey Wakey Roll

bacon | scrambled eggs | agave nectar | gravy dipping sauce


Shiitake Scramble Roll

tapitio eggs | shiitake mushrooms | spinach | cream cheese | feta


French Toast Roll

strawberry | banana | sweet coconut rice | tempura fried | topped with cinnamon toast crunchies | powdered sugar | maple syrup


TFK Roll

sweet potato fries | bacon | cream cheese | curry ketchup | maple syrup


Brunch Plates

Crab Apple Salad

mixed green | crab apples | candied walnuts | feta


Karaage S.O.S.

Japanese fried chicken | beef / pork sausage gravy | baguette


Crab Cake Benedict

panko breaded crab cakes | poached eggs | hollandaise| Japanese coleslaw


Side of Bacon



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