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It’s been an interesting year, to say the least, but with every grey cloud is a silver lining. Harney Sushi has taken this unique time to reflect and we want to hear from YOU! COVID-19 has changed so much, from how we dine to how we interact with one another. Some have loved the extra time at home during quarantine, and others are itching to get back out there and resume their everyday lives. While COVID-19 is not over yet, one thing is for certain, the normal we knew before is not the normal we will be returning to. With indoor dining now open, we want to know: how can we take the positives from the past few months and implement them into our new normal? 

When things first began to close in early March, Harney Sushi took that time to close and remodel. Although it’s never ideal to close our doors and we missed seeing our wonderful customers, it was as good a time as any to remodel. With everything closed and the world deciding what to do moving forward, we took that time to invest in the vision we saw for Harney Sushi post quarantine. During those few months, we worked hard to bring our vision to life. While dine-in still wasn’t opened when the remodel finished and we opened our doors back up, it was great to take that time to slow down and focus on the remodel. 

Once Harney Sushi reopened, takeout and delivery were in full swing. We worked hard with partners like UberEats, Postmates, XDine, and Chow Now to offer the best possible delivery service to make it as seamless as possible for our customers. We were overwhelmed (in the best possible way) with the amount of support we received from our community. Unfortunately, so many restaurants struggled during this time. Harney Sushi was lucky enough to have an outpouring amount of love from our patrons to not only keep our doors open for takeout and delivery but to continue employing so many hard and talented workers. From the bottom of our sushi loving hearts, THANK YOU!

When outdoor dining reopened, we were able to utilize our parking lot behind our restaurant as an outdoor dining space. We threw up a large white tent, laid down turf, and decorated the area with tables and plants to make it as good as new. Along with our patio, Harney Sushi was able to offer outdoor dining to those who were interested in eating out of the house. Now that indoor dining is now open, we want to take what we learned during this difficult time and implement it moving forward.  

So, tell us- what did you like about this experience? Did you find that you liked ordering takeout or delivery more than eating in? Have you enjoyed the distanced tables that provide a more intimate dining experience? Did you come up with any genius roll ideas during quarantine? Let us know! Click on the survey below and give us your honest thoughts on this experience. Harney Sushi is committed as always to providing the best possible service to our customers. Our number one goal is always making sure our patrons are happy! Harney Sushi thanks you in advance for taking the time to provide us with any feedback, so that we may continue improving and growing to adapt to our community’s needs.

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