Valentine’s Day Feature- New Chef Tasting Menu- By: Javier Flores

Veteran chef Javier Flores is going to take you on a walk on the wild side with his three coarse chef tasting meal. It is adventurous yet classic, putting a fun twist on three very well known dishes.

Starting off with the appetizer, three piece kona kanpachi sashimi. Served with pickled jicama, jalepeno, cucumber, and smoked sea salt.

Sustainable farmed and also dubbed as the “wonder fish,”  the Kona Kampachi are bred “offshore”—in deeper Hawaiian waters, farther away from land—limiting their exposure to pollution to decrease the potential of contracting disease or contamination. Since they’re not genetically modified, any fish that escape also won’t impact the native population.

Give it a try to see how it melts on your tongue.


The main coarse is a dish named “The Lumberjack.”

It is crispy rice topped with spicy tuna, avocado, scallions, and drizzled with spicy aioli and our house made “faux-nagi” sauce, which is Harney Sushi’s sustainable version of eel sauce. Hearty and absolutely delicious!


“Last but not least” is the name of this take on classic Churros. Crisped up to perfection with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with an inventive matcha green tea glaze with a sprig of mint.

The cost of all three items is just $25, and will be featured on our menu for a limited time.

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