New Menu Items! Maybe your best bite of 2019 ?


Here are a few of our newest menu items making their debut this month.

Oysters in a Half Shell ~ Half dozen, rotating selection, topped with Ikura, green onion, and black garlic soy. We went back to a more traditional Japanese preparation.

Wonderland Roll ~ Our newest vegan addition. Tempura tofu, cucumber, avocado, smoked mushrooms, rosemary garlic oil, green onion. Those smoked mushrooms give this roll a very unique flavor profile.

Sweet Potato Fries~ I know we have had these on the menu for years, but we kicked them up a notch. Now with vanilla salt, bacon, honey, and goat cheese served with our house-made curried ketchup. If you thought they were to die for before, wait until you try them now. They are out of this world.

Moon Dance Nigiri~ I feel confident saying that this is the best bite of food I have had this whole year! An absolute must try. It starts with a fish called Sea Bream, and topped with a miso butterscotch, pickled blackberries, vanilla salt, and shiso. Get ready to be blown away.

Umami Nigiri~ This very unique dish is for our meat lovers. Beef sirloin topped with togarashi, black truffle, and bone marrow butter. It sounds adventurous, but really works well all together.

The Real Dill~ This is a Salmon Sashimi dish cranked up. The salmon is topped with a balsamic tomato relish, shaved onions, crispy capers, lemon and dill. This dish is fresh, healthy, delicate, and delicious.

Thanks for checking out what is new at the Harn Barn !!!!

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and come pay us a visit.

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