The best wine with sushi, a truly amazing pairing

Dining at Harney Sushi isn’t just about having a meal, it is an experience.  Learning how to pair your wine will enhance flavors in both the food and the drink.

Rieslings are often regarded as an after dinner drink, but don’t rule them out for a drink during dinner. They are crisp and refreshing and can vary in sweetness levels. When eating sushi, Rieslings will pair best with your meal. It is the perfect balance to a spicy dish, and will cut through the heat.

We just brought in a new exciting wine to compliment our menu, Kung-Fu Girl from Washington State.

Here is a quote from the winery ~

“One night, Charles was eating Chinese takeout and watching a fight scene in a notorious martial arts film when he had an idea:

a killer white wine made to be paired with Asian food, just like that, Kung Fu Girl was born.

White peach, mandarin orange and apricot are delivered with a core of minerality that makes this dry Riesling shimmer with energy and freshness. Another epic vintage of Kung Fu Girl.”

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