Black Cod – Our ocean friendly alternative to eel

Say hello to our delicious black cod nigiri. This fish is meticulously prepared in a special Harney style to keep up with the demands of our customers who are craving eel.

First marinated in mirin and soy, quickly seared on the grill, and flash fried to order.

This black cod is line caught off of our own pacific coast and is currently coming in from Santa Barbara. We are lucky to be so close because it gets shipped all over the world.

Many of our first time customers are surprised when they look on our menu and find that we don’t serve eel.

There is a huge demand for eel in the US and Asia, because of this demand eel is on the brink of extinction.

Conservation efforts will need to be extraordinary to bring the eel numbers back to health.

So please join us and put the health of our ocean priority over the worlds culinary demands.

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