Meet our new Head Chef – Jordan McConnell

Jordan Mcconnell has recently taken the Head Chef position at Harney Sushi and we couldn’t be happier! If you come in and ask him to make you his nightly special, you will understand why.

After working as a sushi chef at Harney Sushi for over a year he has moved into his new role.

Here is a little more about Jordan …..
He was born and raised right here in San Diego, and grew up in San Marcos and Escondido, before moving out to East County after high school.

His culinary adventure began when he attended San Diego Culinary Institute. He was trained by chefs Larry Lewis, Kurt Waefler, and Christopher Brill. He spent just about a year there working his way through the program including a short externship at Bertrand at Mr. A’s. From there he started working as a cook at Sycuan Casino, and from there onto Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion in La Jolla.

“I owe much of my success to the mentorship I received from chefs Percy Oani and Charles Andres at Roy’s, as well as the camaraderie and collaborative ethos shared by my peers in that kitchen. It was here where I also began my sushi journey.” 

From Roy’s he continued to training under Chef Percy Oani as well as Chef Bernard Guillas at The Shores Hotel and Restaurant in his first sous chef role. He also learned what life was like on the other side in a stint as dining room supervisor at The Shores.

After he left The Shores, that was when his Harney Sushi career began, where he worked for a year learning the finer aspects of sushi. Meanwhile, he also worked as a sous chef for Aztec Shops Catering, an auxillary of San Diego State University.

In addition to his love of cooking, he also has a passion for writing.  Someday he would like to put together a memoir/recipe book. You’ll occasionally see him in a county library or at Alesmith brewery with a pen and a notebook.

He has no shame in saying that he has a love for all things nerdy. On Wednesday you can catch him picking up the new comic books that came out, or thrift stores grabbing old horror movies for his annual October movie nights.

In addition, he has a love for music and makes a point of going to a few shows every year. 

Jordan choose to come on board with Harney Sushi initially because of the importance of sustainability. He was trained on showing respect to the very ingredients that we work with and believes that it extends further out even to the habitats and farms and how the product is harvested or caught, so to find a restaurant whose vision aligned with his in that regards was very exciting.

His goal upon entering culinary school was to be head chef by the time he was thirty. He twenty-nine now. He would love to own his own restaurant, but for now his goals are to educate and inspire staff members and guests. To be a part of definition and elevation of the San Diego food community, and leave the world a better – and more delicious – place.

“My greatest pleasure, though, is sharing my passion for food with those who surround me. Every day it is my goal to inspire others to partake and come on this journey with with me.”

Make sure you come say hello to Jordan the next time you pay us a visit!


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