Harney’s Hiramasa

Harney’s Yellowtail

Baja Mexico-  Farmed raised Hiramasa

The buttery texture and bright, mild flavor of our Baja farmed yellowtail  – also known as Hiramasa and Amberjack in the marketplace – is similar to Hawaiian Kampachi, and provides a slightly less fatty alternative to its Japanese cousin, Hamachi. Because of its nice fat content and thin fillets, this fish is perfect for small plate presentations. Baja Hiramasa is the first complete cycle yellowtail farm in the Americas. The state-of-the-art aquaculture facility in Baja California Sur Mexico includes grow-out pens in Magdalena Bay, and a hatchery where future seed will be produced. Technology ensures minimal environmental impact. For example, Recirculating Aquaculture Systems decrease pollution and disease, and semi-automated feeders and feed cameras prevent overfeeding. Fish are raised without medicants, growth hormones or other such products.


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