The Best of the Best Salmon at Harney Sushi

Best of the Best Salmon at Harney Sushi

New Zealand Salmon has always been special. It’s the creme de la creme of all salmon, a perfectly poised experience of clean freshness.

It’s sustainable, so you can eat it with a healthy conscience. All New Zealand salmon is the pacific king variety.  It is farm raised because it was the only species that managed to survive and thrive after repeated efforts to introduce a variety of different species.

King salmon run long distances up rivers and up waterfalls to spawn. Then they die. It’s an all or nothing fish. They store oil as energy to fuel all this power they need. Only New Zealand and one other significant place farm them, possibly because they are so tough to handle.

New Zealand’s salmon farmers rate their king salmon among the world’s best and so do overseas customers. King salmon are the oiliest, a good thing for texture, flavor and omega 3 content, if that’s important.

Salmon quality is dictated by farming methods and food, of course, but also by the quality of water they are raised in. New Zealand’s salmon grow up in some of the cleanest water on earth.

The entire New Zealand industry gets the highest tick of approval from overseas watchdogs, such as Seafood Watch at the Monterey Bay Aquarium – unlike Norway interestingly. New Zealand salmon farms are regarded as some of the best operations around for sustainability, environment management and for the salmon they produce.

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