Why Choose Sustainable Sushi

You have most likely heard the term “sustainable sushi” before, but what is it exactly? Why should you care whether your sushi is sustainable or not? Sushi made of fish that are endangered or fish farmed in a way that’s harmful to the environment is not sustainable. At Harney Sushi, we strive to bring you the highest-quality, sustainable sushi.

What is sustainable sushi?

At Harney Sushi, we do not use fish that are endangered or whose populations have been significantly reduced by human interference. When it comes to our seafood, we use only fish from thriving species.

When we use farmed fish, we only support operations that can be maintained without harming the ecosystem where the farming is being done. A lot of fish farms, for example, introduce foreign species into new environments by accident, putting the entire ecosystem at risk. We do not support this kind of farming.

Why is sustainability important?

When popular species of fish are overfished, there aren’t enough to keep up with demand and breed for future generations. When we limit our harvesting to thriving fish populations, we are letting small fish grow and preserving fish for the future. That keeps the natural balance in check.

Many overfished species are considered predators, but that’s also a problem. When we significantly lower the number of predator fish, the smaller fish they eat become overpopulated. This creates an imbalance and will eventually affect the future of the seafood industry.

Sustainability, however, is not just about the kind of fish you eat. Fishing practices also play a huge role in sustainability. Some fishing practices catch fish and aquatic species other than the ones intended. Others damage underwater features like coral reefs.

What you can do

As a consumer, you have the power to say no to seafood and sushi that isn’t guaranteed to be sustainable. By choosing sustainable sushi from certified fisheries or from farms with ethical and eco-friendly practices, you are sending a message that harmful fishing practices and overfishing are not okay.

Choose restaurants that feature only sustainable ingredients on their menu. When you buy fish or other seafood, check to see if it’s on a list of sustainably caught or raised fish. Educate yourself about the dangers of unsustainable fishing.

The most important thing to remember is that sustainability is not just about protecting fish populations and their habitats for future generations – this is a problem that already affects us. When you choose to eat only sustainable sushi and seafood, you help reverse the damage done to our oceans, rivers, and lakes. And that’s a wonderful thing.

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