Farm Raised Salmon: How things have changed.

Wild vs Farm raised Salmon…

That has been the big question for almost two decades now. Farm raised salmon has gained a bad name and rightfully so until the last 5 years or so. When farmed salmon first hit the market not much was known about the product. People ate it blindly and had no idea that what they were eating was grown in a tank. Now a days everyone knows about farmed salmon and farmed = bad according to most people which is largely true. Although, some big things have been happening while we are asleep in our beds. Framed fish or aquaculture has been changing and changing for the better. More sustainable farming practices have been developed and the product made more healthy to eat. The bad reputation that salmon and other species has gained will soon go away and in its place will be a thriving fish farming industry.

At Harney Sushi we use a variety of salmon based on season, freshness, availability and price. We currently rotate through Sockeye, Chinook, King and Saikou Salmon. Sockeye and Chinook being the two wild species that swim through our doors. The other two are exciting new products that are farmed and have been available for a couple of years now. Both are from New Zealand, King and Saikou salmon. These salmon are the most sustainable and healthy on the market and here is why.

New Zealand salmon provides an exciting alternative to consumers, offering the following benefits:

Freshness – New Zealand Salmon is the freshest salmon in the market. It can be delivered from New Zealand to international markets within 48 hours from the factory door.

Year Round Supply – New Zealand salmon is the only salmon that can offer a supply of fresh fish every week day of the year in a variety of sizes from 2 – 6kg with an average of around 3kg.

Flavor – NZ salmon has the highest oil content of all salmon, providing it with a wonderful rich flavor and making it perfect for sashimi.

Healthy – The high oil content also makes it a rich natural source of Omega 3, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Rich Flesh Color – The deep red/orange color of NZ salmon gives it a very appealing plate presentation.

Safe & chemical Free – Unlike other producers around the world, NZ salmon uses no medical antibiotics, vaccines or medicines in the production of its salmon, nor does it employ chemical net cleaning methods or anti-fouling in its production pens. This natural policy promotes salmon from NZ to near organic status and ensures that our customer are receiving safe salmon.

Clean Environment- Throughout their life, NZ salmon experience the cleanest rearing environments found anywhere in the world. As smolt they are nurtured in the safe sanctuaries of our pure mountain fed streams, before they are transferred to seacages located in the remote, pristine, unpolluted seawaters.

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