Sushi Smack Down Part 2


Back on Wednesday December 10th 2014 Harney Sushi Oceanside took a leap of faith and participated in our very first SUSHI SMACK  DOWN. Not sure what we were about to embark on we went for it. At precisely 7:30 pm 48 hungry sushi connoisseurs walked through or threshold expecting the best discounted sushi experience on the planet. The experience from a chefs perspective was interesting to say the least. Sake bombs, hooting, clapping, yelling and screaming all coming from the crowd. Food flying out the window (no pun intended) was happening at a vigorous pace. Roll after roll, plate after plate, it all happened so fast. The crowd seemed to mellow after each course but them was stoked again by an over energetic host with pizzazz and style. Nerves at a high level the entire time, hands tense, back aching, then is was over as fast as it started.

Sound like fun to you? Join us for the next SMACK DOWN!

Next event Wednesday, January 7th




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