The Harney Re-Evolution

Over the past two years at Harney our staff has made strides to evolve ourselves into better cooks and better chefs. As a whole I believe that we have learned, grown and found a way to reignite flames in ourselves with curiosity. In short our passion and commitment for what we do is stronger than ever. We have spent the past few months finding ways to evolve our techniques and understand the how’s and why’s of our food. Why something tastes good? Why it becomes a particular texture? How we can achieve the best results?


Our Owners Dustin and Kirk understand this evolution and with our tenth year approaching have decided that it’s time for a new era to begin at Harney. A new look but familiar feel is taking place in the walls of our Flagship restaurant. This will translate itself onto our menus at Harney. Classics interpreted with familiar flavors and new presentations will take center stage on our dynamic new menu. Seasonality will take large roles in our ever changing dishes. Local produce is a passion of mine and proper techniques take over. We have established our kitchens as progressive and forward thinking, in this menu we will showcase good honest cooking with attention to detail and an emphasis on great ingredients with a few surprises and tricks thrown in for good measure. More thought and composition will go into these small plates so that it reflects the playfulness and whimsy we have with our food. For the New Year we offer a fresh start, fresh look and fresh approach. Drop date will be announced soon, Stay tuned! Happy New Year! -Executive Chef Anthony Sinsay P1000190

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